#47 Positive Feels for a Positive Week

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Last week was quite epic. It was 10.30am when I walked on stage at Noxx, which used to be one of Europe’s larger clubs.  Now, I’ve walked on stage there at 1am, I love a good dance session, but never expected to be there at 10.30am on a Thursday morning speaking about growth to over 100 people.

Now, either way, when walking on stage,
there are a few things I always try to do right before I go on.

  1. Monkey arms

    They look really funny, but they work. It’s our biological way of announcing victory. Tricking your brain you’ve accomplished that before it even happens helps in the process of feeling confident. Don’t believe me? Here’s the more scientific explanation.

  2. Release

    I got this out of a book called High Performance Habits. The idea is to release any previous feelings that remain from a previous situation you were in & move to a new situation with an open mind. This goes from walking on stage to walking in at home and leaving work where it belongs.

    It also refers to knowing how you want the audience to leave after your keynote. Is it inspired, emotional or … fill in the blanks yourself. If you know in advance, chances are quite high you’ll leave them like that too.

    —> I got this intel by getting classes of the infamous PJ Brady, an awesome speaking coach. Definitely follow him on LinkedIn for short lessons on the subject or go wild and book a lesson :).

  3. Adrenaline
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Changing the word “nerves” to “adrenaline” makes a world of difference. Walk on stage powered by adrenaline, don’t give those nerves a chance.

Last weekend, I had the privilege of being a tourist in Bruges. From hopping on a boat ride to seeing the city by carriage. It was incredible to see the history that has been lived there. And foremost how impossible it seems how everything is built centuries ago.

Talking about building, do you ever wonder how your competitor’s website is built?
Try installing Wappalyzer as a chrome extension & check it out with the click of a button.

The other app a friend of mine shared is quite innovative and turns shoppers into paid influencers. Check out an article about it here, or go for the download directly.

From releasing some pressure to building momentum, I hope you have an amazing week ahead with all of that included. Let’s make it one to remember.